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Welcome to Freedom Empowered! We have a simple message: you are capable of controlling your life. Our aim is to prove to you that incredible success is not accidental, rather it is the result of intense effort and a desire to achieve personal freedom. We will discuss individuals who have faced and overcome government, social, and economic obstacles to turn their vision into a reality. Using our simple philosophy, we will guide you on your journey to success and realization of your full potential.

Aug 31, 2018

In this episode we are hunting a crocodile named success. We discuss the adventurous life of Steve Irwin and Mason is single.

Aug 28, 2018

Nick and Mason have a great discussion about the principles of personal freedom on todays episode.

Aug 24, 2018

Are credentials important? Maybe they are or maybe they aren't. Find out our thoughts on it on todays episode.

Aug 21, 2018

Coming soon, WNFL?Why not! We'll show how Ronda Rousey's barrier breaking mentality can be applied to more than just the octagon. There's first for everything.

Aug 14, 2018

Join Nick and Mason today as they chat about Tom Cruise and how he's living his dream. They talk about his stunts, his religion and his place of living.