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Welcome to Freedom Empowered! We have a simple message: you are capable of controlling your life. Our aim is to prove to you that incredible success is not accidental, rather it is the result of intense effort and a desire to achieve personal freedom. We will discuss individuals who have faced and overcome government, social, and economic obstacles to turn their vision into a reality. Using our simple philosophy, we will guide you on your journey to success and realization of your full potential.

May 29, 2018

On this episode of Freedom Empowered, we talk about where you start and finish in life. We discuss how where you start in life doesn't mean that will be where you end. Your mindset is what will determine where you finish in life. Enjoy the episode and share with your friends.

May 22, 2018

This episode we discuss expanding your life and changing your perspective. We talk about taking small idea and making it bigger. You guys are going to enjoy this episode. Be sure to share the episode with a friend and give us a rating on iTunes.

May 15, 2018

On todays episode Nick and Mason talk about people getting comfortable where they are and not taking opportunities that are presented to them. Enjoy the episode and go to iTunes and leave a review.

May 8, 2018

Welcome to episode 4 of the Freedom Empowered podcast. On todays episode we mainly focus on 3 main points and we will talk about some things you need to do to pursue your freedom and dreams. 

May 1, 2018

On todays episode of Freedom Empowered, we discuss the advancements in technology. Specifically Robots. We present the obstacles that will come of it and explain how to overcome it. Thank you for listing and go subscribe.